Chemical Peel: Benefits, Procedure and Side Effects

Chemical Peel: Benefits, Procedure and Side Effects

A chemical peel is a beauty care routine where a chemical solution or mix is applied to the skin that helps remove dead skin or top layers. The human skin has several layers, including the outer, middle and inner layers. These are the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis. Each of the layers also has sub-layers. After the chemical peel application, the skin layer that grows back is smooth and gentle.

There are various types of applicable chemical peels with varying benefits for the skin. However, it’s good to know your skin type before applying the chemical peel. Light, medium and deep chemical peels have varying transformations on the skin layers.

Chemical solutions used in the chemical peels include glycolic acid, trichloroacetic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, and carbolic acid (phenol). Chemical strength and skin sensitivity or reactivity can cause mild and controlled injury as they go through different skin depths. The result is a peel away of the skin’s top layers to reveal fresh and smooth skin.

What are the Benefits of Carbon Laser Facial for the Skin?

Reveal Smooth Skin Texture.

We all want a glowing and smooth skin texture and appearance. Beauty, for some, is defined by appearance and external looks. And so glowing skin is the epitome of beauty.

Reduce Skin Blemishes and Pigmentation

The skin layers, especially the epidermis, are exposed to UV rays, natural weather changes, and the effects of nutrition and exertion. As a result, the skin shows signs of damage through blemishes and pigmentation. Chemical peels revive the vitality and health of the skin layers.

Removal of Aging Signs.

Excessive wrinkle appearance or folds may not please all. And the only solution is the use of chemical peels. They help reverse ageing signs by revealing deep, smooth and fresh skin layers.

Process and Procedures of Chemical Peels

Are advanced facials treatment Padur safe? Is it okay to use them? Are there no side effects to using chemical peels? It’s advisable to do the chemical peel process with an expert beautician or physician. Some guidelines are followed before a chemical peel procedure. These are: 1. Don’t tan or expose your skin to direct sun two weeks before treatment. 2. Apply topical products before treatment to prepare your skin. 3. Avoid using products with retinoids before treatment unless your physician says otherwise. 4. Ensure taking of prescribed antibiotics 24 hours before your procedure. 5. Avoid open sores, lesions or skin infections on peel areas. 6. The skin is examined and evaluated with the patient’s complete medical history. 7. The chemical solution is applied to peel off the top layer. 8. The solution removes dead skin and reveals new smooth skin.

Potential Side-Effects of Chemical Peel

As much as there are benefits to chemical peels, there can also be possible negative side effects.

Bacterial, Viral, or Fungal Skin Infections The human skin is an active organ on its own. It has several minute blood vessels or capillaries flowing through it. Exposure may lead to infections.

Skin Edema It’s treatable since its instant reaction to the chemical peel components. It is also fairly limited to a few patients.

Burning, Itching or Blistering Sensation A burning, itching and blistering sensation can be felt in the skin. The skin is an active gland and has live tissues. The reaction depends on the type of peel used and the depth penetrated.

A thing of beauty is to be cherished forever. Likewise, chemical peels are impacting beauty and fashion regimens worldwide. Today, the best chemical peels in Padur Chennai are the new beauty routine sensation for those pursuing modern beauty skin treatments. You can make your skin glow and shine for as long as possible with them.

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