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While this may be due to the fact that too many of us thought a smiling face on our bum cheek after one too many tequilas was a good idea (guilty), it's also since laser tattoo removal techniques are fast improving.

If you're interested in the procedure but don't know much about it, here are the facts on laser tattoo removal.


A tattoo is a type of body art in which indelible ink is injected into the skin's dermis layer, where the pigment is permanently maintained. Tattoos, contrary to popular assumptions, are not always permanent and can be removed if they are no longer desired. This is dependent on the type of ink and colour being erased, as well as the method employed.

In the last ten years, tattoo removal technologies have advanced significantly, with new Tattoo Removal Lasers making the process easier than ever before. The laser penetrates the skin's dermis layer, where it comes into touch with the ink and breaks it down into particles tiny enough for the lymphatic system to remove. The ink will subsequently be absorbed by the body and flushed out through the lymphatic system.


The danger of scarring is reduced if done appropriately, but it can require anywhere from 4 to 6 treatments spaced at least 4 weeks apart.Depending on the individual and tattoo, it may be necessary to wait more than 4 weeks between treatments to have the best results.

Tattoos come in many shapes and sizes, and while older ink and black ink are normally easier to remove, colours can be more difficult. Our experts will help you through the process.The cost of tattoo removal might vary depending on the size of the tattoo. However, the price increases as per the appointments. So, book your appointment right away at our cosmetic clinic and get your tattoo removed.


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