lipo detox


Lipo Detox is an awesome treatment especially for the wobbling belly fat,the procedure involves machines and age old ayurvedic techniques which lasts for 2 hrs,the results are immediate and as the name suggest it detoxes the intestine giving the belly a lighter weighing effect.It is an elite spot reduction and body shaping service.LipoDetox will have target area stimulation, appliance procedures using radio frequency to break fat cells and use of vacuum that is created around the target area, for exposing the maximum surface area and resulting in improved blood circulation, relaxed Muscle Tension, increased lymph circulation and elimination of toxins, and bettering the tightness, firmness and elasticity of skin.Thus helping lose weight along with detoxification.


Body Detoxification

Toning & Stimulate Muscles

Enhances Blood Circulation

Lose minimum 3 inches on tummy

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