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Hair loss happens when the scalp stops receiving chemical signals telling it to create new hair from existing follicles. When this happens, the follicles shrink and eventually close, making it impossible for new hair to grow. Even if hair grows back, it usually becomes thinner, wispier, or of a coarser, less dependable quality.Unnatural hair loss can occur as a result of disorders like androgenetic alopecia. Hair loss is frequently caused by this, as well as other hereditary diseases (such as basic baldness).Medication, hormone changes, or a simple hereditary tendency are some of the other possibilities.The issue with baldness and thinning hair is that you are born with all of your hair follicles. You lose 50 to 100 hairs per day, so if you don't replace them, thinning will happen quickly.


Hair Thinning Stem cell treatment for hair loss, the most current innovation in stem cell research, has a lot of promise in terms of stimulating new hair growth. It caters to both men and women who suffer from thinning hair.Many people get disheartened, depressed, less confident, or unhappy when their hair growth stops with age. The fear of a continued downward spiral exacerbates the problem, which is why stem cell therapies for hair loss have grown in popularity over the last few decades.

M A K E   Y O U R   A P P O I N T M E N T   W I T H   O U R   S P E C I A L I S T


Grow factors like biotin are very much required for maintaining a healthy hair and scalp. Our treatments include the vital multivitamins required for the continuous growth of hair and for its maintenance.At relooking we ensure that no steroids are used in the treatment course,thereby we not only stop hair fall naturally but also grow healthy amount of hair in 3-4 sessions.As long as the follicles are present anybody can grow hair.A clean hair scalp scan can give us the details of follicle presence and right Treatments can be suggested based on that.

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