Hair fall, also known as baldness is loss of hair on the scalp. Aging can cause hair fall however, both young women and men face problem regarding loss of hair. Some of the reasons that can cause hair loss can be:

  1. PHYSICAL STRESS – If a person had a surgery or has been in some kin of an accident , physical trauma, illness can cause hair loss. But this is not of much concern because this is temporary ,hair tends to grow back when you recover.
  2. EMOTIONAL STRESS- There are many kinds of emotionally stressful things that can cause hair fall like anxiety , depression , lovesickness, and much more.
  3. HORMONAL CHANGES- Some changes in hormones also affect the growth of your hair. Hormonal imbalance in females and males that is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome(PCOS) . Post pregnancy hormonal changes in women. These causes are not that serious , hair usually tends to grow back in such cases
  4. OVER-HEATING WHILE STYLING- Outrageous styling and hair medicines for quite a while can influence your hair’s development. Your hair may likewise break in the wake of changing hairstyles like curving and pulling of hair.
  5. SUDDEN WEIGHT LOSS- Eating inappropriately during your eating regimen might bring about lacks of nutrient and mineral. The weight reduction might cause stress on your body, therefore, your hair falls out.
  6. . RINGWORMS-Ringworm, otherwise called fungus, is a consequence of contagious contamination on the skin. It is the red and irritated patches which happen on the scalp. The presence of these patches makes hairs shed rapidly. This sort of infection is typically mainstream in kids


  • Hot oil treatment
  • Regular Cleaning
  • Healthy Diet
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Plenty of sleep
  • Drink sufficient water
  • Using wide toothed combs
  • Stress Relief
  • Using Alcohol Free shampoo
  • Drinking Green Tea or herbal teas
  • Egg white mask

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